Stimulating The Intellectual In Your Child

At In2lectuals CDC, the quality of care and the happiness of your child is our main concern. We feel that enjoyable and interesting experiences are the key to positive attitudes towards learning, so the emphasis is on learning through fun.


A wide range of toys and resources are available to encourage the children to reach their full potential. Observations of the children are undertaken during their play to enable the staff to plan activities based on their interests and to widen their knowledge.


Our daily activities are based on the 4 themes of "unique child", "positive relationships", "enabling environment" and "physical development", and cover the 6 areas of learning:


1. Personal, social and emotional development 

2. Communication, language and literacy 

3. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy 

4. Knowledge and understanding of the world 

5. Physical development 

6. Creative development

Infant Program

At In2lectuals CDC, we consider it an honor to be given the opportunity to care for your infant. We take this awesome responsibility very seriously and want to partner with you in every way to bridge the gap between home and school.


We know that parents are the most important adults in a child’s life, and we simply want to be a close second with all the love and support that the family unit needs to be successful.


When you bring your infant to In2lectuals, we will gather information from you about your baby’s schedule and preferences so that we can meet his/her individual needs while s/he is in our care.


Toddler Program

Your child's toddler years from ages one to three are some of the most rewarding, yet challenging months of his/her life. For this reason, In2lectuals Child Development Center created a warm and bright environment for your toddler to feel free top explore.  Our caring and attentive educators nurture your child's development and carefully monitor each child's milestones of development through individual and group interaction. 


Our pre-literacy unit in the curriculum is designed to help your child reach his/her full potential as they build their vocabulary.  Toddlers are encouraged to use their own words when expressing their feelings. In addition to using a Montessori inspired curriculum for academic growth, the children also have a wonderful time exploring their classroom environment under the watchful eye of qualified educators.


Preschool Program

Our Preschool program is filled with wonderful decorations and activities that will capture each child's imagination.  This energetic group is at the state of further developing their motor skills, socialization and self-discovery.


Because of this, we have arranged our classrooms into learning centers to invite children to participate in interactive, purposeful, and fun activities.  Please explore these 7 amazing centers by following the link on the right side of the page and discover A Typical Day in the Life of a Preschooler enrolled at In2leactuals Child Development Center.


* The Art Center

* The Language & Literacy Center

* The Science Center

* The Block Center

* The Sensory Play Center

* The Home Center

* The Computer Center

After School Care Program

Our After School Care Program was designed to help you and your child with homework accuracy and completion. All students are required to complete all homework daily in our After School Care Program.


Our goal is to have all students' homework completed with accuracy before parents arrive.  For at least 1 hour and 15 minutes daily, each class has Homework Time.  During Homework Time, everyone in the class is instructed to remain silent in order to create an environment conducive for academic study.


Students can work cooperatively towards the end of homework time to help check each other's work and/or to study together. Our educators check each assignment for accuracy and assist students who are having challenges with their work.


The students have access to computers, internet, printers and copiers, classroom library, and other reference tools to assist them with their studies. 


After all students complete their homework - Fun Time begins and children are encouraged to play in group or individually. Educational movies are also available for children who rather relax after a long day at school.


In2lectuals also offers a Summer Enrichment Program with daily schedules, summer activities based on thematic explorations.